February 2018                   From the Rectory

Dear Friends,

Well, thatís January out of the way. Apparently a quarter of the nation has had coughs, colds or the flu during January. When we are feeling rough we wish the days to pass quickly until we feel better again. If only we could alter the time dial of life ... speeding up some experiences and slowing down others. No wonder Dr.Who is popular; we all want to be Time Lords.

What would you like to do this year, if you only had the time? The good news is that you do have time. Organise it! I look ahead at the remaining eleven months of 2018 and I have a sneaking suspicion I am going to waste quite a bit of time. If only I could avoid the waste and include time for things that matter. Hereís hoping.

And then things coincide and I have to make choices. This year Ash Wednesday falls on St. Valentineís Day - no problem for some but a headache for others! However, I realise that who and what I give time to is my choice. It is tempting to put God second. After all, he will understand. But how long can I get away with that before we all understand what is going on? It is not the people we think we love but the ones we actually love that define us. Put time on pause, if you can, and check out what is going on.

During Lent St. Johnís will, as usual, support a particular charity. We have chosen TEAR Fund for this year. We are familiar with their work and on Sunday 18th February we will find out more about a specific focus for our giving. Again, the challenge is whether we have time for others.

Finally, Jesus was keen to encourage his friends to take time out in order for them to be more effective when they got stuck in to life. In taking control of our time, letís attend to the rhythm of life as well - its ebbs and flows. Occasionally we need to retreat in order to advance. Each month we advertise a prayer meeting in the town called Time Out with God - an ecumenical event that is hosted by all the churches. Come along and enjoy half an hour of prayer and something to eat.
                                   John Ganjavi