April 2018                   From the Rectory

Dear Friends,

Happy Easter to you all. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ must be one of the most investigated events in history. Today we might think that we are too far away from the evidence and the Ďscene of the crimeí to add anything useful. What we can do, however, is to read through the notes of those who were there. We can re-examine the theories and conclusions that did the rounds at the time. Was anything overlooked? Was anything concluded out of ignorance? Were the witnesses blinkered or prejudiced? What about recent archaeological finds? Being so far away from the event can help us see things in context without fear of persecution or ridicule. This is what we do as a church every year at Easter time. Itís not that we are suspicious; itís more a case that we are incredulous! The resurrection of Jesus can be described as crazy and almost unbelievable. But thatís exactly it: almost unbelievable. . .but true. Itís not that there arenít reasonable views and opinions on both sides of the debate. Faith is about recognising the arguments for and against something, and making a decision. Iím a believer, and please get in touch and state your case if you think Iím deluded!

This Easter we have given St. John's a facelift: a new backdrop to the altar depicts the cycle ofthe moon, so important in establishing the times of religious festivals. Behind the altar cross we have the full moon, reminding us of the Passover. The altar frontal itself shows the rising sun, bursting with colour. This reminds us of some words from the Old Testament prophet Malachi - looking ahead to the arrival of Jesus, he describes that day as a time when Ďthe sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its raysí. Pop in and have a look. Otherwise watch out for the planned tours of St. John's in May & June when the new Guidebook is published. Once more, Happy Easter to you all!
                                   John Ganjavi