July 2017                   From the Rectory

Dear Friends,

Recent events have highlighted what human beings are capable of. On the one hand they can do disgusting acts of violence that beggars belief whilst on the other hand they can show humbling levels of generosity and kindness. For me there is a message here about human potential. No-one is born a sinner or a saint. We are all born human. We are born with an extraordinary capacity for creativity, and with that power within us we can do amazing things.

At this point some of us might be asking 'What? Me!' Maybe not every one of us will achieve fame as a result of some invention or achievement, but each one of us can do something - even today ~ that will make others think 'Wow'.

In recent days we have witnessed individuals being responsible for heartless violence, gross irresponsibility, as well as selfless acts of charity and bravery. And each person whose face appears on the news was once upon a time a new-born baby with remarkable potential for good and bad.

At this point we might want to talk about 'nurture vs nature'. The path we take in life, and what we make of our life, need not be hostage to our upbringing

but early years' influences can affect us deeply. The love and security we enjoy, the opportunities to learn that we are given,the ideologies and philosophies we are exposed to, the heroes we aspire to be...all these things play a part. It is no wonder that Jesus said that we all might sin but woe to the person who puts temptation our way. Also, if anyone harms a child it would be better if they put a weight round their neck and jumped in the sea. Harsh words but wise. So pray for those who have influence over children. And how about you? Will you live up to your potential to delight others today with some extraordinary act of goodness?

                                   John Ganjavi